you hadn't lost the one thing you

you hadn't lost the one thing you kept in a safe place

My 2nd fanfic ever. I've started random ones here and there but I've only finished 2. This one is just as short as the first one, but it's short, sweet, and to the point :) I hope people, someone, anyone, enjoys it. Not that any one is necessarily reading it at my journal.

Fic name: You Hadn't Lost the One Thing You Kept in a Safe Place
Pairing: Sergio Ramos/Fernando Torres
Rating: PG
Word Count: 182
Summary: Guess who shows up on Sergio's doorstep ?


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i feel the sun shining, though the rain is falling down on me

livejournal, how i have missed you!!! a place to ramble my thoughts away because i'm embarrassed to verbally express my love for football fanfiction to anyone. they will no doubt make fun of me and i want to avoid that.

i read this incredible 14ish chapter long one this morning, based around sernando with a little of cesc/iker in there to and oh gosh the angst and breakups were so heartbreaking and amazing and then them getting back together, love it ! this stuff is so addicting.


on another note, i had to go to the dmv today and renew my license. the lady told me that i had to take the knowledge test again because i got a ticket when i was 18. lame! i sort of started to have a panic attack right there in the dmv. and there were these 2 europeans applying for U.S. licenses and i was like, "nicola, get your shit together, pass this test and do not let the europeans pass and you fail." you know? that'd look bad. anyways, the test like messes with your mind. i passed though! phew! i only spent a total 50 minutes there, record I would say. In and OUt is what i like best.

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even at our swiftest speed

i might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me

i just found a jackpot of football(soccer)flash fanfictions and it's taking over my life. it is reading though, right? and reading is good for the brain. whatever, i'm not working tomorrow so i get to read all day :) although, i don't think my eyes will ever forgive me.


oh and i read today that fernando torres and his wife olalla are expecting their second kid and I immediately thought "oh no, how is he going to tell sergio about baby number 2" oh sernando. lmao. they. do. not. exist. as. a. couple. except that they so do.

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